The hazards that lie beneath

Marine geohazards are a range of underwater phenomena which can influence decisions regarding infrastructure offshore.

Marine Geohazards

We sat down with Principal Marine Geologist Dr Aggie Georgiopoulou to put together this stunning representation of marine geohazards. From underwater landslides to boulders and sandwaves, geohazards can represent a significant threat and cause much damage to offshore wind installations.

Some geohazards may be less impactful than others, but the can each have significant consequences at different stages of a project's life-cycle.  


Geohazard Infographic Web


Download the Infographic 

Infographics are a fantastic resource to illustrate the challenges our industry is facing and to share with your team, you can download the full infographic here 

Here at Ternan, we have significant and diverse experience working in all aspects of marine geoscience throughout all stages of a marine infrastructure development.

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