Ternan GIS Services

Here at Ternan Energy we are proud of the expertise and value we offer to our clients. With over three decades of experience in the offshore industry we strive to offer the best advice and solutions to our clients, one of those services is our GIS data storage.

We sat down with James O’Brien, our GIS manager, to find out more.

Good morning James, tell us a little bit about yourself.

"I began my career in GIS working in the Golf industry developing a handheld GPS system for accurate mapping and course management.  I moved on to the Oil & Gas sector providing support to the BP deep water exploration and production team. Since joining Ternan I am responsible for the data management and processing of seabed survey data and subsurface data, alongside the development of spatial data processing workflows, data integration and the innovative application of GIS."

Can you please start us off with a quick definition of GIS?

"GIS stands for Geographical Information Systems. This includes any data related to position or location on the planet. It can be used to describe many things from elevation, pipelines, roads, land use etc and integrate that with location connected to a map. GIS helps us to understand patterns, relationships, spatial and geographical context."


"I believe that GIS is a key technology in all businesses to create awareness, inform decision making as well as adding value, insight and vision. Working with large or complex datasets effectively and consistently can ensure we deliver the best results for our clients."

What if I already have my own GIS team internally?

"That's ok, we are not competing with your team. Our aim is to add value and expertise to complement your existing GIS resources.

We can take your existing data and store it securely so the whole team can access it through a user-friendly database. 

We can also combine information with other publicly available data that can be used in conjunction with your data. We are experts in all data types associated with offshore wind, we will manage all the different data sets to ensure they are up to date and always relevant.

Integration is very important, we bring the whole of the geosciences together, so if you currently have geophysical data but need to go somewhere else for geospatial data we can provide the whole data management in one secure place. We can also interrogate all the different data sets and explain how this can be used for your best purposes.

Projects can require millions of pounds to be spent on acquiring data and the hours associated with this. Our service adds value to your current setup by bringing all the data sets together and ensuring they can be shared around the whole team."

What if I don’t have a GIS team already?

"No problem, we are passionate about data and GIS so we will have you up and running in no time. We draw on our years of expertise across Geoscience to know what data you need for each project and where it needs to come from.

We can advise on data requirements, collection, analysis and reporting so there is no need to bring experts in-house as we can do it all for you."

Why do I need your GIS system?

"The major benefit to storing GIS data with us is the ability to use and view it without paying expensive subscriptions.  There will be no need to maintain your own licences whilst saving space on internal servers.

We use maps as an intuitive way to explore data, this means all the documents and different data sets will be combined in an easy to view, easy to use format."

Is my data secure?

"Yes absolutely, all data is stored securely on servers that are certified compliant with the highest independent, international industry-accepted privacy standards.  

All access to information takes place over encrypted connections (HTTPS) and we are committed to compliance with current regulations to provide privacy protection for all our clients."

If you would like any further information on our GIS services and how we could help please contact us info@ternan-energy.com