Complete Turnkey Survey Management Services

Ternan Energy provides complete turnkey survey management services to a number of international clients within the UK oil & gas sector and supplies client representatives to support offshore windfarm construction projects primarily within the North Sea and East Coast USA.

Initiated by the findings of a Desk Top Study / Gap Analysis, Ternan Energy can assist in defining the scope of work and technical specifications for geophysical and geotechnical surveys. By optimising the scope and selection of the right equipment, we can help to ensure a cost-effective solution that meets the requirements of the project.

Project Stages:

Stage 1 - Oversee preparations for survey e.g. vessel audits, QHSE document review, kick off and mobilisation.

Stage 2 - Operational management e.g. onshore direction of survey activities

Stage 3 - Provision of offshore client representatives reporting on all aspects of the survey e.g. technical, commercial and QHSE, weather, progress, optimisation and 3rd party engagement.

Stage 4 – On completion of surveys, oversee the data processing and geotechnical lab testing.

Stage 5 - Review all Contractor reporting to ensure it is a true representation of the data collected and ultimately addresses the requirements of the project.


Case Study 3 Soil Boring Boat 

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