Mark’s Travels 2023

Our Managing Director Mark Finch has been out and about in the last few months of 2023 taking part in Podcasts and attending events.

In November, Mark travelled to Bristol to take part in the upcoming clean tech podcast from Harmer Visuals. Mark gave insight into how he has transitioned from an engineer to starting up his own business and how his eye for detail is leading innovation on a larger scale. The podcast is part of a series of informal chats with leaders from around the renewables industry that is due to be released early in 2024.

Mark Podcast Harmer Visuals v2

That night it was onto the Re-Tech meet up where Mark gave a fascinating talk to the crowd focusing on how to lead a startup. Everything from growth, recruitment and managing a team to just what on earth led him to do this in the first place. 

Mark Speaking at Re Tech s c

The next week Mark was off to London to listen to a talk at the Academy of Experts.

Earlier in the year Mark was a speaker at the UK Renewables Academy in Teeside. This event was organised by Stephenson Harwood so it was only natural they invited him to be part of their Well Spoken podcast. This session focused on offshore wind farms - the need for good surveys and the impact on projects if it all goes wrong.

Well Spoken Podcast S

As if that wasn't enough, Mark also took part in our very own Ask Ternan session. A panel of experts answering questions sent in and live from the audience on geoscience and the issues facing our industry today. 

AskTernan Travels

That's just a snippet of the events Ternan Energy have been involved in throughout the year. There will be much more in 2024, follow us to keep up to date with our travels.