Dr. Mark Qiu

Mark joined Ternan Energy in 2023 as a Project Geotechnical Engineer. He holds a BSc in civil engineering and a MSc in geotechnical engineering from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Upon completion of his MSc, he worked as a graduate geotechnical engineer at Meinhardt Consulting (Shenzhen, China) focussing on slope stability projects and the design of tunnel portals.

Following Meinhardt, Mark went on to study a DPhil at the University of Oxford, where his research focussed on the cyclic simple shear behaviour of an overconsolidated glacial till. This involved performing advanced element tests and implementing various constitutive soil models. The findings from his experiments were used to further understand the behaviour of clay when subjected to complex cyclic loading scenarios, providing a basis for improved offshore foundation design. Mark is finishing up his thesis and hopes to submit in the coming months.

Mark enjoys spending his free time socialising with friends, travelling, and trying different cuisines. His other interests also include gaming, squash, golf and cooking.

Experience Summary

  • Experience in interpretation and processing of CPT and SCPTs.
  • Extensive experience in soil element testing according to industry standards, ranging from soil classification tests, triaxial tests, direct shear box tests, oedometer tests to cyclic simple shear tests.
  • Analysis of laboratory data which includes understanding the behaviour of soil under complex cyclic loading scenarios (e.g. realistic storm loads).
  • Experience in the implementation of constitutive soil models.
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