James Patton

James joined the Ternan team as a GIS Analyst at the start of November 2022. After studying Engineering Geology and Geotechnics at the University of Portsmouth, James went on to work for the Ministry of Defence, where he gained experience in GIS analysis, cartographic processes, and python automation scripting. James also has experience in topographical surveying and use of CAD software.

Skilled in GIS and cartography, James uses his knowledge to prepare and manipulate GIS data for use within the wider business, along with creating cartographic figures and charts. James specializes in workflow automation, utilising his knowledge of python, FME, and ESRI model builder to reduce workloads wherever possible.

James spends much of his free time enjoying the countryside and cycling. He is also a food enthusiast and enjoys finding new cuisine to cook, even if the results don’t turn out as expected.

Experience summary

  • Extensive knowledge of GIS software, namely ArcGIS and FME.
  • Competent with Python automation scripting, as well as being familiar with JavaScript, Arcade, and SQL.
  • Processing and data management of subsurface data, land-based data and elevation data.
  • Development of spatial data processing workflows, data integration and innovative applications of GIS.
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