James O'Brien

James joined the Ternan team as a GIS Manager in March 2021.  He began his GIS journey working for a technology start-up applying GIS to the Golf industry, developing a handheld GPS system with accurate maps and course management applications. Following this, James went on to work in the Oil & Gas sector at BP where he provided GIS support to deep water Exploration and Production. He then moved to the Nuclear sector, to lead a team developing a GIS based solution for knowledge management on a decommissioning project. James returned to the offshore industry working on projects for renewables, cable lay and trenching with DeepOcean.

Recognising the tremendous growth of GIS in all sectors, including daily life, James believes that GIS is an important if not a key technology in all business. He strongly believes that when GIS is successfully utilised in business it creates awareness, informs decision making, adds value, insight and vision. 

James is a keen horse rider and spends much of his free time at the stables.

Experience Summary

  • Skilled and knowledgeable in the application of GIS, Data Management and Analysis in the offshore industry.
  • Competent with GIS applications including ESRI ArGIS and FME, including web based and enterprise solutions.
  • Processing and data management of seabed survey data, subsurface data and land based data.
  • Development of spatial data processing workflows, data integration and innovative applications of GIS.


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