Dr. Keith Lauder

Dr. Keith Lauder gained a PhD from Dundee University in 2011. His research focussed on the influence of soil parameters on subsea pipeline ploughing and redefined the understanding of this challenging operation.

After 5 years at Lloyds Register in Aberdeen, Keith joined Ternan Energy.  Keith has worked on various offshore foundation projects principally involving the assessment of foundation design, anchor design and geotechnical parameters applied to pipeline stability analyses. Throughout, he has ensured compliance with the appropriate industry codes, standards and regulations for verification and certification purposes.

Keith is an avid rock climber enjoying the physical and mental challenges associated with this technical sport, taking all opportunities to get onto a wall, whether a coastal cliff, a local climbing centre or even his living room.

Experience Summary

  • Core competence is the acquisition, description, and interpretation of offshore and nearshore soils for marine construction projects and subsequent foundation engineering analyses.
  • Significant foundation design and installation experience (e.g. driven piles, drive/drill/drive piles, drilled & grouted piles, suction caissons, gravity-based structures, monopiles, marine anchors).
  • Trenching engineering design, upheaval buckling assessments, dredging, rock dump and on-bottom stability issues for cables and pipelines worldwide.
  • Periods of time spent offshore witnessing, jacket platform and substation installation, anchor pile and drag anchor installation operations for floating structures as well as trenching activities. Experience of geotechnical site investigations, logging soil and performing vessel-based laboratory classification and testing techniques.
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