Adam Caton

Upon completion of his undergraduate degree Adam began his career working for Fugro Engineering Services in Wallingford, Oxfordshire. The projects here were a combination of onshore and nearshore site investigations and focused primarily on data acquisition and detailed geotechnical logging.

After six years at Fugro Adam joined Geotechnical Engineering and Marine Services (GEMS) where the focus of the work shifted to offshore data acquisition. Following GEMS Adam joined LR Senergy, Aberdeen where he gained experience in jack-up leg penetration analyses, pipeline and cable route assessments and shallow foundation design.

Following Senergy Adam returned to education to complete an MSc in Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Dundee, which cumulated in a research project on screw anchor pile behaviour.

On completion of his MSc, Adam joined Sustainable Marine as a geotechnical engineer where he was responsible for site analysis, anchor design and specification, grouted and groutless anchor design, and rock anchor technology development.

In his spare time Adam enjoys swimming and climbing outdoors and frequently takes swimming trips out to scenic lochs and rivers. He also regularly competes at swimming competitions.

Experience Summary

  • Extensive geotechnical site investigation experience ranging from planning the survey; to acquisition, detailed geotechnical logging and undertaking offshore lab testing, and supervising the survey as the client representative.
  • Experience in shallow foundation, pile design, cable routing / trenching studies and site classification.
  • Grouted and groutless rock anchor design and experience in developing first of a kind rock anchor technology. This includes rock behaviour modelling, rock anchor design and specification, and development of emerging technology such as grout-less rock bolts.
  • Experience in soil anchor technology such as screw anchor piles, drag embedment anchors and gravity anchors.
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