Assessing the Problems and Finding Solutions

Ternan Energy were contracted by Red Rock Power to produce a foundation suitability assessment for a number of potential offshore development zones within UK continental waters. This assessment was based on the results of a geological and geohazard screening study.

For each zone, the seabed and sub-seabed conditions were assessed to develop a characteristic geological / ground model in order to establish feasible foundation solution(s). Ultimately a recommendation of the technically optimum foundation solution for each site was produced.

Several limiting constraints and geohazards were considered, such as: water depth, potential shallow rock, palaeochannels, sandwaves, boulders etc. This allowed the solution(s) to be prioritised in terms of design and installation complexity.

Ternan was then able to recommend a focussed survey and site investigation strategy. This was based upon the data available, the optimum foundation solution and the previously highlighted data gap analysis.

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